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Xgħajra was a small fishing hamlet and a summer resort, situated in the East of Malta.  Its buildings are expanding and it's becoming a village by the sea.  In this small hamlet sixteen years of history, in 1996, opened our doors to boys who would like to join the International Organization of Scouting.  It was the first mayor of Xghajra, the late Mr. France Minuti, secretary of the local council Mr. Carmelo Camilleri and council member Mr. Victor Abela who took the initiative to allocate premises to the Scout Organization to cater for children and youth.  

Saviour Borg was the founder and first Group Scout Leader.  

During these first years our activities were mainly concentrated to build up a consistent number of Scouts.  The first meeting that was held, was formed by four boys, which were Christopher Vella, Christian Vella, Gordon Borg and Marcel Borg.  For the first year the number reached up to 30 Scouts and Cub Scouts.  It was a very encouraging era followed. The continuation, year after year, month after month, day after day, meeting after meeting the group was reaching a higher number of members.

The Troop Section and the Cub Scouts Section were admirable developed, while the continuations of the activities were expanding.  The Group started the co-education.  Late of 2000 beginning of 2001 the Venture Unit was formed.  This was a step forward for the group since this section was providing an initial way of leadership.

In 2004 Xgħajra Scout Group, invested in another dream of many Scouters', the Band.  The band was formed from a few members with a small amount of instruments but in a small period of time it advanced and it's developing in a pipe band.  After hard work, sacrifices and commitment the band was developed as a pipe band.  On the 29th of January 2012, Xgħajra Scouts Pipes & Drums heard its sounds across the stress of Xgħajra

The most awaiting year was the 2006.  It was the tenth anniversary of Xgħajra Scout Group.  Plenty of celebrations were organised by a temporarily committee.  This committee was formed from the chairman of the group Mr. Simon Grixti and two Scouters Mr. Marcel Borg and Mr. Glenn Abela.

On the 5th of December 2008 it was the date of the launching of Xgħajra Scout Group Website. 

Every day, every activity, every meeting is a story in the History of Xgħajra Scout Group.

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