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At Present Xgħajra Venture Unit is the initial training program for leadership in the Group.  Members join the Venture Unit at the age of 15, when they will come to an end from the Troop Section.  The Venture Unit takes on the members to a new adventure.  This change, from the Troop Section to the Venture Unit will mature more the member with all the full responsibilities and improve the skills, such as scouting skills, leadership skills, communication skills and much more.

What we do?

To improve more the leadership skills after experienced a few leadership in the Troop Section, Scouts in the Venture Unit will be more involved in the other sections as junior leaders.  This involvement will increase the confidence between the junior leader and the scouts.  This involvement will be divided into a period of time with every section in the Group.   On the go the Venture Unit will base a program full of adventurous activities.  In every meeting, were the VUEC (Venture Unit Executive Committee) will meet to sketch a program to implement it for the Unit.  This program will improve the scouting skills with special activities such as, abseiling, survival techniques, first aid, trekking, pioneer projects, expedition techniques, orienteering and much more activities.    The Venture Unit contains from a program awarded with the Olympian Award.

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