International Experiences  

August 2013, July 2016, August 2017 - Edinburgh & Basel Military Tattoo Experience with Wallace Pipes and Drums.

For Marcel Borg and Lark Falzon, summer 2013, 2016 and 2017 are most certainly going to be unforgettable.  During these events, they both had the opportunity to play at the highly-esteemed Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Basel Military Tattoo as part of the pipe band Wallace Pipes Drums.   


April 2012 - Kenya

In April 2012, Saviour Borg and Phyllis Borg visited Kenya on voluntary work. During their five weeks' stay, They helped out in various projects in Kenya, including the building and maintenance of a school. They also had the opportunity to visit Sir Baden Powell's grave.


November 2010 - Expedition on Mount Etna

On the 29th of October 2010, six members from Xgħajra Venture Section started their adventure in Sicily.  It was a tough, yet very rewarding journey; reaching the top crater in horrible weather conditions.   This journey made us realise the importance of team work andthat courage and perseverance can reap beautiful rewards.


August 2009 - Host of a group from Ireland

In 2009, a scout group from Ireland visited Malta for a week.  Xghajra Venture Unit hosted this event and took part in this exchange activity.  This event was hosted in collaboration with Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport.  During this event, various activities were held such as Maltese dinner night, Irish dinner night, Mdina Treasure Hunt, diving and the journey by kayaks and on foot.  Seven Maltese people and eight Irish took part in this activity, and it was a truly unforgettable experience!


April 2007 - Venture Unit chairperson attended the Centenary Queen's Parade at Windsor Castle.

In April 2007, a representative from our group joined a Maltese contingent on a trip to Windsor to attend the Queen’s Scout Parade in Windsor for the Scout centenary celebrations.  This was a unique experience because Xghajra Scout Group was present with other Scout groups from the Commonwealth.  During the stay there, we participated in many games, and field trips which we truly enjoyed.  However the highlight of the trip was obviously meeting Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth II.


August 2006 - Libya Survival Camp.

Representative from the Xghajra Venture Unit represented Malta, together with other ventures from Zabbar and Cospicua represented Malta in a Scouting Challenge in Jebel al Ahdar in Libya in the Summer of 2006.  During this challenge, they participated in various sports activities such as fishing, canoeing and snorkelling.  They also participated in a four day survival mission which was tough both physically and mentally; however very satisfying when succeeded.  

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