The Scout Section helps pre teens and teen mature by building their characters within a self education structure and develop their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

Members can join the Scout Section at the age of 11.  The Scout Section opens the door to a variety of outdoor activities which helps the Scout discover his or her identity as a member of the Scout Association.  The activities will be based on fun and adventure.

 What do we do?

This section provides exciting activities which will help the scouts to start building their skills and character.  This section is the key in adventure were the scouts will experience outdoors activities such as camping, expeditions, hiking, pioneering, sports activities, water activities and many more.  This type of adventure will help the scouts in the future to continue to live independently. They build a strong character full of different skills. 

Activities will be discussed and planned by a group of scouts from this section. In every PL Council, the Senior Patrol Leaders (SPL), the Patrol Leaders (PL) and the Assistant Patrol Leaders will meet to design a program of activities based on seasonal periods.  This program will be passed to the Section Leaders to be verified and confirmed.  This program will contain proficiency badges, awards and activities regarding the season.  for this program badges and certificates will be awarded to the scouts.

How to join in the Scout Section

Everyone is Welcome! To join in the Scout Section you must be between 10  to 14 years of age.  To join you can contact us via e-mail 

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